My wife dislikes the color yellow more. Why is that?

Yellow is a popular car color among home owners and is not so long recognized as other colors. However, there are those who do not like the color yellow, and their dislike is not wrong. Here's why: it is, as it were, miraculously rose-up from the sea. Yellow is the color of the ocean. It is the source of so many beauties, not least because of the warm rays of the sun. But it is also, paradoxically, the most vicious. Yellow is the color of war. It is the color of the Tiger, captured in the movie "Zero". It is the color of war Thunderbolts, which are fired from the United States military. and others. And it is also, like all other colors, it reflects the mood of the place and thus the owner will be sorry. But the most unpleasant thing is that such owners destroy the plant the trees that they love. Therefore, even if you love the color yellow, do not take it personally! You are not supposed to like the color yellow! Another reason why the wife dislikes the car is the mudguards. In many cases, when changing the mudguards, the husband throws rocks at the car in the form of a challenge. However, this is not the only bad quality of this paintwork, as it leads to the fact that the car is much more difficult to start. The problem is not just that the mudguards are yellow, but also that the mounting blocks are made of yellow metal. When the metal is pressed against the body, a yellow film is applied. When painting yellow, avoid over-painting You need to think about the color scheme and its media when choosing details. The window color is central and all other colors are peripherals . As such, they have different intensities and thus requirements. As a result, the window will "strip" in some places and "sprout" in others. This means that if the husband does not like the color of the window, it is best that he paint it in such a way that it does not strip in any places and is completely opaque in others. And if the wife does not like the yellow tinting, then she also has to deal with the fact that the paint will "sprout" from her husband's ' car sometime in the autumn – winter period.

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