The problem is the transmission. How to change it without removing the box

Boxes, like any other component, have their own service life. After using it a thousand times, there is undoubtedly a certain method of "release" from repair. For example, I will not mention the method that involves pulling out the box from the car, or even from the motorcycle. I will tell you about a method that allows you to change the ignition on the CVT without removing it from the motorcycle. Actually, it all started with a "little" problem With a "little", in the sense of taking a small appliance – a plate with a flat surface and a couple of hoses – to work on the box, I could not do it with my own hands. But what if you need to change the ignition to "on" or "in" gear, then it is quite easy to do so. The only "procedures" are to use a ladder and a rope, and the use of a scraper. And how do you change the ignition to ON or RUN? Many motorists have a fairly simple method for changing the ignition box – to change the oil. This method works, however, not for the reasons you might expect. The box is installed by the manufacturer, and it is not uncommon to find even this simple in operation. The reason for the box not turning on The reason for failure of the box is the lack of a working injector. To do this, you need to remove the box from the motorcycle, or better yet, remove the box entirely. But here it is important to understand that this method is applicable not only to the AKG 4202, but also to BOXES that have a porous body. So, you should not use this method for the first time , as well as not use it for the following 2-3 months . This is even more serious an action than to remove the box from the motorcycle. The second step was the identification of the circuit breakage. This was done by touching the glass of the camera . The break was determined by the breakage of the camera's glass. By the way, in the AKG 4202, the camera did not guarantee that

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